When a ‘Deal of the day’ really is the ‘Deal of the day’!

If you’re anything like me, before you book a hotel, you like to get some sort of idea of what you should be paying to stay in a certain city. This way, when you see an ‘exclusive’ price, you’re instantly able to give it a rough comparison against similar hotels in the area. This helps to avoid any misconceptions about what your perceived value might otherwise have been. And whilst you may remain sceptical about ‘daily deals’, if you do a little research across multiple booking sites, you’ll be able to make your own informed decision on whether or not the price is right.

This brings me to the Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin, a popular five star hotel in the centre of the city. Booking.com recently advertised this propery as a daily deal, so being the frugal ex-travel agent that I am, off I went to compare the prices across Expedia, Travelocity and the like. You’ll find that when you have the luxury of being five to six months out from your date of arrival, it gives you plenty of time to watch deals come and go. So, when you see one come along like this, you jump on it right away!


Booked through: Booking.com
Hotel name: Kempinski Hotel Bristol Berlin
Room type: Classic Double or Twin Room
Hotel rating: 5 star
Check-in: April 03, 2013 / Check-out: April 07, 2013
Hotel price: EUR 58,00 per night (USD 75.00)
Total trip cost including tax: EUR 258,00 (USD 335.00)
Price to book direct: EUR 516,00 (saved EUR 258,00, or 50%)

Why is this a good deal? When comparing across different travel websites, competitors were coming out at US$520+ (including taxes) for the same room at the same hotel. Sure enough, the day after making the booking, the prices on the same website went back up. This proves that a deal of the day can be a very good catch, if it happens to be at a hotel you know and like.

By the way, since this blog is pretty much brand new, you might be wondering where the reviews to the places I have mentioned are. Rest assured that once I have visited, I will be making a full vlog, so you’ll not only get to read about it, but see it as well… I hope you find this information useful. 🙂